Google Wave

On Thursday, Google announced Wave.  While the internet is swirling with figuring out how this will change email and social networking, I would like to point a few things out about this. First and foremost, it appears as if it wont be released until late this year and I have not seen how this will work in other browsers such as Firefox or Opera, since the screen shots were from Chrome.  Don’t get me wrong, I dig Chrome but I like Firefox better right now due to all of my plugins and such.  Second, I have to figure that the adaptation rate to this will be fairly minimal as it appears that there might be a fairly decent size learning curve and most people are adverse to change.  Third, I would love to see a full demo in action on Wave since I am still a bit unclear as to how it will help me be more productive in the long.

All in all however, its a great announcement and I am looking forward to seeing more when they release more news.

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