Memorial Day

Since I can remember, I have always associated Memorial Day Weekend as either a time to be off school, the start of summer, a day of coming back in the car from somewhere, a bbq with friends or family or something else fun.  While those are fine thoughts and memories,  I have in the recent years began to truly appreciate and comprehend why Memorial Day exists.

I have 1 son who is 7 and its great to see him really start to get “stuff”, which is why this Memorial Day I am going to start a tradition with him to participate in activities centered around the true meaning of Memorial Day.  I want him to understand that men and woman, young and old gave their lives so we can enjoy freedom.  Think about that for a second.  Without the sacrifice of these braves folks the people who invented things like the internet, twitter, blogs, cars, eCommerce, the ability to drive to your local grocery store at 2 am for a jelly donut or a bottle of aspirin may not have been born or had the freedom to create these things.

I want to enjoy my Memorial Day weekend with family and friends, but I also want to give back and pay tribute to our fallen heroes.  Whether you can attend a parade, a memorial or even shake the hand of a current veteran all I ask is that you try. If you can’t do any of these things because of something, then try to sit still and quiet for as little as 10 minutes or longer in complete silence and think about what these folks have done for us as I am sure you will gain something from it.

Have a safe and wonderful Memorial Day everyone..and God Bless America.

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