Common mistakes IT marketers must avoid in a tough economy

Another great post from My Educated Guess which talks about 2 mistakes that IT marketers have to avoid in a down economy.

One of the points that they make is having a misaligned ROI program which I agree with to a point. I think one of the things marketers should do upfront with other parts of the business is establish what the success metrics are going to be for a particular campaign and stick to them.  Depending on the sophistication of your CRM system in determining direct or marketing influenced revenue will also have an impact.

I think it goes without saying that as you are laying out your marketing strategy for the year, that you determine the depth and breadth of your marketing campaigns and come to a resolution that lead nurturing is an essential piece of your overall strategy. Sure the sales guys will want to see everything, but that does not mean that you have to give it to them especially if the prospect is only there to gather information.

In tough times, marketers tend to push the panic button because the rest of the business is doing so and then the marketing organization is left to talk people off the edge.

Be smart about your marketing programs, but most of all set realistic expectations and don’t waiver from them.

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