The Dark Side of Twitter

Great article over at iMedia this morning talking about the use of twiiter. Jim makes a statement at the end of the article that reads “My point is that Twitter, like email, is great for moving bits of data, little tiny pieces of information, but it is not an experience, and it is not a conversation.”

Sorry Jim.  I disagree.  I disagree fundamentally with your logic. Twitter is a conversation if you let it be a conversation.  I have convos with people all of the time on twitter.  We talk about business, technology, software, email and softball. I indeed have a conversation with people. However, I only have convos with people I know and I don’t have like 1500 people that follow me or that I follow.  To me….people treat Twitter like a game and the more people that they can follow or have them follow them is a contest and those people will lose.  Perhaps Jim doesn’t see the value in Twitter yet because he doesn’t use it a conversation piece.

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