The Ladders 100K Experiment

Here is a great piece of viral marketing.  Take a simple thing like $100,0000 and have some fun with it. There have been quite a few posts on the net about this experiment, but thought I would take a few sentances and give my opinion on this.

First, once you see what they did and understand how they have so far marketed it, you will notice that although they have a slim audience to market too, they pull this off with class.  Second, I wonder if they thought that this was going to go viral. I mean did they sit in a room and plan it out, or did they just hope it would happen this way.  Third, no matter who you are or what you are marketing, remember that you can plan for something to go viral, it just does. You may give it the means for it to be picked up on, but there are no guarantees.

I welcome your comments.

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