Please please, send me email

Recently, I signed up at an online retailer as an experiment into their email practices. After finding the spot on their site to subscribe, I was taken to a login screen, where I had to create and account, with my full name and postal address. I wasn’t asked my email preferences or any profiling information, but I had to create an account in order to get their emails. Ok. So beyond the frustration of setting up an account (it was a single opt in), I never received a “thank you” email for signing up to their site.

1 week went by. Nothing.

9 days went by. Nothing. So I logged back into their site to see if I indeed went thru their process right and low and behold, everything was fine.

Day 10. First email from them.

Here is what is wrong. I SIGNED UP TO GET EMAIL. THEY ARE A MAJOR ONLINE RETAILER….and I had to wait 10 days to get an email?! Heck at one of their competitors, I signed up and within 2 days I received their latest pitch. In addition, on their competitors site, I was able to set my preferences and chose from a variety of options to receive some other emails. At another competitor, I was just asked for my email address and was given the option to creating an account and was able to chose my preference of HTML or TEXT. I got a fairly decent “thank you” and am still waiting for my email. (I just did it today…just to see)

THE POINT IS: If you are a retailer trying to sell me stuff, make it easy, ask for my preferences (and not my postal), send me a decent “thank you email” and send me email (heck even if its last weeks mailing) to get my whet my appetite. Start our relationship showing that you care and not leave me hanging for 10 days, hell I almost forgot about you.

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