Remember your first time………….

Do you remember your first time at learning something new. Perhaps there was confusion or elation. For example, I will never forget my first time I learned what email was. My father explained it to me with something like this. “Yes. There is thing called electronic email. You type out your message and then send it off and people. It goes around the world and then people get it in their mailbox and read it” I was like whoa….that is cool. I remember asking something to this effect “What if I wanted to send something to everyone who had a mailbox? Man…that would be cool” (early email marketing opportunity)

What is my point you ask. My point is this….sometimes a new concept or idea can be overwhelming or frustrating to some. To others, they see it as an opportunity. However someone sees a new idea, be patient and be sure you explain it fully. Don’t be afraid to try new things and try something new. Often the path of resistance is a opportunity to win and win big.

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