Little things make a big difference

Last night I attended a dinner with my wifes company and something strange happened. We used valet to park our car which was great because it was like 15 degrees outside, windy and kinda snowy….basically bitterly cold and miserable. At the end of the night we went outside to shiver and wait for the valet to bring us our car. When we got in, the car was warm and the heated seats were on. Even though we didn’t have a long way to go home, it was a surprise.

The valet went out of his way to ensure we were warm from the moment we got in the car and it was in my opinion above the call of duty.

When was the last time you went out of your way to understand your customers and give them something that would surprise them?

Instead of spewing your message from the inside out, when was the last time you marketed from the outside in?

Little things go along way with people. Customers or potential customers notice things that you might not have thought of.

Do this right now. Stop. Look around and listen. Find one thing different to do today that your customers would not expect….

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