Liars Liars….marketing pants on fire!!!

There was a an article today in Daily Mail about lying. It says that everyone tells an average of 4 little lies a day or 88,000 over a lifetime. So without further adieu, I bring you the top 10 enterprise software marketing lies overheard at recent meetings.

10. No.I really think that storyboard where that pygmy is drinking carrot juice totally represents comprehensive dynamic reduction on the server level

9. The customer is completely happy with the recent patch and will be easy to get a reference out of.

8. Version 8.0 is way better than 7.5

7. Pop up banner ads really work

6. I don’t think scrolling down 15 times on our newsletter with 37 links is too much information for people to read.

5. Dude….viral campaigns are easy..we can bust one out by the end of the week!!!

4. No one ever told me I need to create a tactical plan to run a campaign.

3. I think a great way to gain awareness is to create a community….no a discussion group….wait….how about a Community Discussion Group with a blog where we have people talk about the product? Yea..thats great…will totally build awareness man!!

2. Don’t worry we have the budget.

1. We kicked a*s on ROI on that last campaign

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