If you think about it, we have alot of commitment in our lives. We have a commitment to our wives or husbands, we have them with our children, our family our friends etc..

However one of things we don’t necessarily understand or wonder about is our commitment to the companies that we work for. In that same light, I often wonder about the commitment that the company has to us as an employee. Each year we spend more and more time working at a company. In fact we spend more time working than we do outside of work in terms of hours per day. (some will argue this point, but in these times, we just don’t shut off our computers at 5 and never think about work outside of work..its just not possible)

I went to my wife’s Christmas party on Friday like I have for the last 14 or so years. At her organization they have several Holiday parties coupled with scattered events throughout the year to engage the employees to show the companies commitment to their own. They do alot for their employees and as an outsider looking in, I am a bit jealous.

Here is a confession. In the last 15 years, I have never been with a company that had a holiday party. Oh wait..there was one, but I joined the company too late in the year and was not able to attend.

The idea of commitment goes waaaay beyond holiday parties of course…… In my opinion its the feeling of being valued when you walk in the door. Its the feeling that the company has a strategic career plan and path for you to follow. Its the commitment of training and development of your management team. Its the feeling that as an employee your comments or input is listened too. It the feeling that although you may fail and fall down sometimes, they are there to pick you up, dust you off and get you back into the game. Its the feeling of branching out and trying something new with out getting in the way. Its the idea of a an open, honest, collaborative, and 2 way conversation with executives.

Its alot.

How much commitment do you have to your organization and how much commitment does your organization have to you?

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