The training here sucks……ever hear that?

Nothing irks me more is when new employees are brought into any organization and the hiring manager does not train them on people and process within the current organization. Then months or even a year later, the new hire wanting to do something which is a basic function of their job is seeking out help to learn how to do it.

Software marketing is hard enough. Learning the product and the marketplace are tough. Knowing the competitors and positioning is tough. Understanding where to advertise and bring in leads is difficult. Heck, the last thing that should be on a software marketers mind is how to navigate the people and process of the current organization. I blame management for people who are not prepared to understand process.

Know this….I am not a perfect manager by any means. But I will tell you that I as a manager have a deep dedication to training my current hires on the people and process first so when they learn everything else, they are not left with a blank stare on their face when they have to execute.

Its a simple concept everyone…..train the hire first and train them right. Get them to crawl and understand the process, then make them leave the nest to learn to walk and run in the big bad corporate marketing world. As a hiring manager you have an obligation to see your employee succeed within the organization. Without the right tools and understanding of the corporate process you are failing yourself and the individual. Lastly, don’t expect that others will train them for you. In my eyes, that is weak management and no matter how good you are at other things in your job, you suck at on-boarding a new person.

Take the time to do it right the first time…….

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