Large Marketing Organizations

I have noticed over the recent years that the larger a marketing organization gets the harder it is to do actual marketing. People beget process. Process begets training. Training is self reliant. People get into silo’s and the true marketing sometimes stops.

There are political battles, jockeying between people, pigeon holing and eventually you say to yourself – Where do I start and what is most important? Marketing loses focus when all you have is a ton of people defining and learning process. There is no growth in learning new ways as people become stifled.

Suddenly the good ol days of having fun, brainstorming and being a nimble well oiled machine become replaced with meetings, powerpoints, strategy sessions and endless he said/she said, I want/they want, lack of resource,project planning, “I cant tell you for your own good” type of environment. People become rooted and rutted into muck. Change in process and training is slow and with so many people in the org it becomes a hassle to keep up with the new and exciting methods to market.

Purple Cows are viewed as noise makers and idea’s need to be run by committees of people.

As I see it people in large marketing organization have 3 choices: 1. Adapt and become one of the masses 2. Leave or 3. Be the purple cow (if you can be one) and live dangerously.

Of course large marketing organizations has their advantages as well. You can get lost in the masses and do a semi-ok job and go about your business a bit below the radar. This is great if you are a below the radar type of person. So the choice is up to you.

Tomorrow is small marketing organization.

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