Spice up your touchpoint emails

I am working on a project with a certain business unit in my organization whereby we are re-writing all of our auto-respond emails for our most popular assets. Right now, they are boring, unorganized and cannot be measured.

I view auto-respond emails (or touchpoint emails as I like to call them) as a vital or first lifeline to your customer. Its the first interaction that the client has with your org and if your touchpoint communication sucks or looks funny, imagine the impression that you give to the outside world. Most marketers would not even think to use this platform as a way to engage in a conversation with the client. Most don’t see it as an opportunity to begin a nurturing relationship with them. Most see it as a nuisance or necessary evil to business. Heck some marketers are so focused on “getting more leads” that they miss this as an opportunity to fulfill that requirement.

If you take the time to provide a useful and relevant experience for the user via touchpoint marketing, people will want to come back. If you think of them as just another lead and don’t see this as a viable marketing activity, then quit your job as a professional marketer.

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