Holiday SEO Poem

My good friends over at Webbed Marketing have this funny as heck holiday SEO poem that is a must read. It’s scary to think that my inner dork comes out and laughs at this stuff. For all you SEO nuts out there this is for you.

I will reprint some of it for you guys, but its best to go to their site and check it out for yourselves:

Twas the night before an algo change and I’m at my house
My laptop is on and I’m clicking my mouse
My title tags are crafted from keywords with care
In hopes that the Googlebot soon would be there

My keyword density was optimized to the specs
While my homepage featured rich visible text

With ma pouring link juice and me in whitehat
I’d just uploaded a new Google site map.

When out on the web there arose such a clatter
I checked my page serve time to see what was the matter

Away to my toolbar I typed on a mission
Searched on my keywords and checked my position

My site pages were slipping – it must be a new algo
Page two, three, four and five, and some further below,

When, what to my site should suddenly crawl
But an indexer, a bot, spider, a combination of them all

Rolling across the web with a new algo so hot
I knew in a moment it must be Googlebot

More rapid than eagles the SEOs they came,
And he crawled, and indexed, and called them by name;

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