Periodic Table of Differents

On page 174 of the book “The Big Moo” there is a great periodic table of functions in big company vs. start-up’s and one stood out to me. It was pitching. In the big company it was labeled at “60 slides, 120 minutes and fourteen point font” and in the start up it was “10 slides, 2o minutes and thirty point font”

I once was told this at my current organization. Wait….”XXXX only thinks in ppt, so you need to put together a presentation”. What? How can someone think about concepts in power point? What ever happened to just a pitch of a concept without a presentation? Why must everything be put into power point?

Perhaps I live on the edge…or perhaps I will never make it “big” in software business, but I promise that I will never become a person who only thinks in ppt. Heck…some of best concepts are written on cocktail napkins or on your arm….In my opinion, I don’t care who are….but you are never so far removed where you cannot think of things or concepts that are old school. People abuse ppt and people think the cannot live without it…..

Simple is better.

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