Software Marketing for Idiots

So you work in software marketing right? Here are a few simple rules to live by if you are a product marketing, PR/AR, internet marketing, eCommerce or anyone related to marketing the product

1. Keep it simple. (make the message simple and make it stick.)

2. Make it easy to understand.

3. Don’t ask for much

4. Success is not dictated by the amount of leads you generate

5. A new relationship is harder to make, than trying to keep the existing one going

6. Watch, learn and listen to those around you.

7. Hear what others have to say about you in the marketplace. Reach out and respond

8. Try something new.

9. Talk to your customers.

10. Don’t undermine those that have expertise in their respective areas.

I can go on and on and on…………………perhaps for more posts down the road.