Top 10 Promises never to make in marketing

Throughout the years I have been in marketing (and even when I was in sales) I have learned not to make to many promises that I could not keep. Here are some of the classics as I would like to call them in software marketing

10. Sure…lets add one more profile question…we can use that data

9. We absolutely can run this as a closed loop campaign

8. Targeting IT Managers is not a problem…not many people do anyway

7. You want to purchase a list of SAP install customers who didn’t buy Peoplesoft running Tomcat in a heterogeneous environment so long as they aren’t running Sybase….sure..let me look into that for you.

6. You want me to create an email with a video embedded so as it delivers it plays automatically and oh…you Mr. Salesperson want to sent it in outlook…hmmm..let me check into that

5. I can certainly look in switching our current email structure to send out all pdf files rather HTML

4. You want more “flare” on the webpage…can you describe “flare” and let me look into it

3. I can certainly look into creating buzz for your event (wish I knew what they were doing)

2. I can have it for you next week

1. Let me whip something up for you.

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