The abuse of email in software companies

Hi..I am Joe Blow and I recently downloaded a piece of trial software from your company. Within minutes, I got a crappy autorespond email thanking me for the download as well as my trial key. (some other software companies say in the crappy autorespond email that I will be contacted by a salesperson in order to get my key). Within the next few hours, I get a phone call and email from my sales rep asking me if there is anything they can do for me. I politely decline as I have not even unzipped the file yet.

Every so often I get a ping either from the sales rep by phone or an email asking me what is going on with my trial as it nears the end of the trial period. I get emails to go to demo’s, take part in surveys and go to seminars all from the same company. In fact I just got an email the other day indicating that since I download the XYZ product trial, I might be interested in this FGH trial….and since I have not finished XYZ trial yet…it all seems a waste.

Wow..then I noticed from this software company a really cool white paper on the same subject matter as XYZ product and decided to download it. Another crappy text autorespond, another follow up from the rep both by phone and by email and more emails I am sure to come. When I finally decide that the XYZ product has some legs, I get contacted by the sales rep to do a demo and I get scheduled for a demo, get more crappy emails confirming the confirmation of the demo. I then get a form crappy email thanking me for the demo when its done, another crappy email to fill out a survey about the demo and a thank you email thanking me for taking the survey.

Too bad….I lost budget and cant buy XYZ product…but I get an email once a month from the sales person, who has now switched twice since downloading it. I get about 2 or 3 emails a month asking me to download other white papers and other trials and of course to attend that precious breakfast seminar to talk about how the XYZ product, that I cant have can solve all of my problems.

This fictitious company and email onslaught depiction was brought to you today by a concerned software marketer who knows your pain and understands that in today’s world email can be abused by all. It can be used as a shroud, a wall, a sales tool and even an abuse tactic not only by overzealous software folks, but by many companies in general.

We live in a digital world where email is king. We live in a world where marketers use email to promote everything and anything. We live in a world where marketers dont treat the customer base or prospect internal database as a precious resource that needs to be nurtured with relevant content. We live in world where marketers need to come to grips that the user is in control of what they see and want to see. We live in a world where Marketing 3.0 is taking over.

Marketing 3.0 lesson 1 – The User is In Control. Identify, adapt and overcome……or be left behind.

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