Building an online community for software companies – Step 2

Once you answer the tough questions that I laid out in Step 1, then you are like 10% of the way there. Step 2 is easy….not. You will need to select a platform from which to build your community on. Some questions to ask your organization are.

What are your hardware needs?

What sort of software do you need to run it on? (sharepoint, jive, windows community) and do you have room of systematic growth?

In regards to the software being chosen you will need to ask a few things such as ease of use? Compatibility with existing systems in house? Development and integration time. Scalability? Long term commitment? ROI? Real vs. virtual costs.

Alot of things need to be considered on the technical end of the house before you proceed. While I am not the most technical person around, I can tell you that depending on your needs, there are several fine open source software solutions as well some commercial products as well.

All in all, the technical end might seem like a big hurdle for some, especially in certain organizations where resources are scarce. Part 3 coming soon.

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