Fradulant Email – UPDATE

Here is an update on this.  First off, I have to admire the person doing this.  They are coming up with some interesting names for me because when I receive an email that they signed me up for, I get a kick out of what they are putting down.  My 2 favorite ones are “Dear Dogboinker” and “Dear Schnizzlehead”

All too funny and I really appreciate some of the variety that I am getting. It only goes to show that this person has a wild imagination from politicians to pampers to non for profit organizations.  Heck of an imagination.

Here is where I said it becomes not so funny anymore….I have you my friend. I have your IP address, your name and your location.  Thanks to the generous support of some of the organizations that you used my name with to do this stuff, we/I know who you are.  I have contacted your ISP and in fact the local authorities near you.  You see my friend..its one thing to sign me up for newsletters which I really don’t care about, but its another thing to submit a credit application with falsified information on it.  That’s where it becomes a crime and that’s where your prank goes a little too far.

Welcome to the internet….where your identity can never be masked.