Fradulant Email

On Friday afternoon, I received an influx of email, email confirmations and such from a variety of companies who apparently think I signed up to receive their solicitation.  It appears that someone has my work email address and finds it funny to sign me up for things.  However, little does this person know that I have their IP address which was kindly provided by a few of the companies and so the tracking begins.

Little does this person know that I am close to finding out who they are and that they will be dealt with very soon.  Not to worry, I am a passive person and I would not even think of wasting my time in dealing with this individual either physically or otherwise.  You see, I have a different approach……and that is legally.  So my fine friend…and you know who you are……keep on subscribing me as it only furthers your stupidity in this prank.  I have you cornered and it wont be fun when you are exposed.