Corporate Blogs Suck

Many companies have started to blog. Most suck. I say most cause there are some bright ones out there, but when I look at the posting history, there has been nothing in the last 2 or 3 months. They started with gusto and faded off into the sun like the cubs did this year in the playoffs.

I have seen corporate blogs being promoted on the front page of sites with no postings in 3 months, or with a ton of postings that are nothing but self serving advertisements for their latest product releases or endless drivel about how great they are. Some of these corporations are big and some are small, but all should know better. Some have multiple platforms for people in the company, some are a general dumping ground for a select group of employees to drone on about nothing.

Much has been written about how to start and maintain about corporate blogs, but one of the greatest pieces of advice that I can ever give is that if you start one, stick with it and don’t always talk about you. Talk about the industry you serve and offer up the readership something other than your product advertisements or press releases. Make it issue based and not company or product based.

Bring on your comments and show me some of the best and worst corporate blogs.

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