The problem child

Whether you work in a small or a large organization, there always is that person, group, department or even large business unit which is labeled the problem child.

This problem child does stuff with a complete disregard for others. They question other groups about their value and worth with out really looking at themselves first. They don’t involve the right groups when doing projects or bring you into the fold at the last minute. They create work for others and then ask your opinion or advice and never take it (even if you are the known company experts in that area). They are the problem child.

Most groups that deal with the problem child sit silently talking about their operational inefficiencies and bash them with out really trying to understand who/what they really are. They don’t want to be controversial and take a stand and tell this problem child about where to stick it. They just go along with them and there inefficient and ineffective ways.

In technology marketing, I have found that in order for things to work, most groups need to be in a constant state of cohesion. All of the cylinders need to revving at the same time, because things change fast.

Here is what I have learned about dealing with the problem child. Get down to their level, understand their pain, listen and learn. Then in as inconspicuous as you can, tell them how you feel and offer to work together to become better. Give them 2 chances to hose you over, then if all else fails punish them.

No one is perfect and I will never claim to be, but the problem child is there. Don’t be afraid to tackle them head on and with maturity. They will either thank you or bash you, but you can walk away from it with your head held high as opposed to sand.

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