Bring on gifts…not

About 14 months ago we tried our first giveaway at my organization. It was met with some trepidation and some folks flat out were against it citing as to why we should give someone incentive to download an asset. It was a huge success and has since been duplicated many different ways across the company. We have given away Zunes, Xbox’s, monitors, soundocks, iPods, T-shirts and even gift certificates to people just to either try our stuff or read a darn white paper.

I say no more. Stop. I have since see some people in our company that treat this sort of incentive as cocaine and are wanting to give away some trinket or toy just for the sake of getting more leads with a complete disregard for the quality of the lead.

I agree that every once in a while we should give something fun away to give incentive to people and to let the marketplace know that we are a fun and vibrant company, but enough is enough. I have this strange feeling that the marketplace is either getting sick of our gimmick giveaways and in some strange ways almost expecting it. I have a feeling the some marketing people are the crack addicts want to give away this sweet thing just to boost lead count. I think its time that we stop being the dealers and start to be innovators again.

What is wrong with giving away something that the client is not only going to gain value from but also give them something that shows our commitment to that particular space? Sure, a book or a subscription is not as sexy as an Xbox, but we need to start giving out all of our candy all of time and give the marketplace a time to WANT to see something from us as opposed to the fat kid hanging outside your house everyday, cause they know you throw out a pound of chocolate every day.

It sure is fun to work on a program where we are giving away something for fun, but it might be even more rewarding to go back to the basics of marketing again and make something that is traditionally not appealing sexy again.

Who is with me?


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