Email Marketing Strategy

I have found that most companies don’t have a concrete email marketing strategy. Some are run from the gun, where they use it like cocaine to promote everything and anything. Some use it strategically but don’t find it useful because they either don’t know how to measure it. And then there are the companies that don’t leverage it at all, simply because they have no idea where to start.

Since starting email marketing at my company almost 6 years to the day, I have seen it go through a bunch of transitions. We had the early adopters, the skeptics, the jokers (everything we send is spam..and I was labeled the spam king) to the abusers. As email marketing is ever evolving in the marketing landscape new things pop up every day, but one of the things on my agenda for 2008 is the ability for my organization to adapt better to reading panes, auto previews, mobile devices and offer our users flexible templates from which to work from.

My strategy right now is to get better. In fact my strategy is to be the best, since I truly feel we have a good thing rolling now. To be the best one must constantly innovate and not rest on ones success.

The first priority is to get people in my organization to think of email as a strategic weapon and not as “free” or “lets just send an email” type of activity.

I like challenges.

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