Eventgain.net – A Fraud Email?

On 2 separate instances I received complaints from customers yesterday after having received and email from a company eventgain.net. The reason for the complaints from these customers is that they use custom email address’ when downloading products from my current company. They then received email from this eventgain.net soliciting them for list append services. Both complaints indicated that we as a company were in violation of our privacy policy. I have since launched an investigation and notified our legal team.

When I went to visit eventgain.net and tried to call them, all I received was a voicemail. Then when I tried to send an instant message it took 3 minutes to connect and after sending it, it does not appear that it was even sent. So, if for some reason you get an email from a Justin Wilson at eventgain.net, I would strongly advise that you proceed with caution. Something is fishy about them and I will post more once I know.

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