Startup Schwag

Michael points us in a post about a new company called Startup Schwag. For $14.95 a month (plus s+h) you get a shipment of a t-shirt and possibly other stuff from new startups.

My opinion…that for $14.95 a month, I should get more than just one t-shirt from startup companies that want to promote themselves. I think a reasonable thing would be 2 things a month. Given the fact that Startup Schwag’s margin might be fairly high and is probably getting the merchandise at barebones cost, it might behoove them to make the monthly hit a little less given the fact that they are a startup themselves. Its also great that the first giveaway is for TechCrunch gear (props to you guys) but TechCrunch is not a startup……Startup Schwag is…..why not give us your stuff first.

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