Don’t hate spam…..embrace it.

You get spam and I get spam. Some get more spam than others.

Personally I love spam….ok..I don’t really love it, but I kinda find it funny. I think its hilarious that there are so many rich former kings and barristers willing to give me money. I find it great that someone has found out that they can increase my penis size naturally and let me have a longer erection. I find it funny that some company that I have never heard of is about to explode in the market and that its only 15c right now. I find it interesting that Shauna..the uber hooker is willing to meet up in my area and even willing to show me herself on cam.

I can go on and on..but one thing is for sure…..I know spam from a million miles away and rather than getting mad at it, I just laugh it off. So here is my experiment…c’mon you me what you got. I just set up a new email address…..I challenge you….lets see how fast you can fill it up. I aint afraid of you.

So here is it:

Bring it you goofs.

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