Virtual Trade Shows…

Quest Software (where I work) is venturing into the virtual trade show world this coming fall. We have set up an awesome event catered toward Exchange, SharePoint, Active Directory, Migration and Archiving IT folks. Its a one day virtual event where we also have some great sponsors in Avanade, Cognizant, Microsoft, Unisys and Dell.

Virtual Trade shows I believe are the wave of the future for connecting without leaving your desk. It provides and non invasive way for folks to come and learn more about their industry and vendors who provide some great products. Sure, you don’t get tangible swag like the real trade shows, but you also don’t get jet lag, hotel beds and be away from your family.

I am excited for this event and if you are someone who works with the above technologies I encourage you to check it out. The only thing it will cost you is your time and you just might actually win some really cool swag (like books or xBox’s).

You can learn all about this event here. If you are interested in also hosting an event, the company that we have gone thru is Unisfair who have so far done an outstanding job at assisting us in setting up this event.

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