MEGAVIDEO – Beats YouTube????

I was introduced to a new video site yesterday called MEGAVIDEO. According to their About page “Megavideo is aiming to replace YouTube as the leader in online video.” Hmmmmm…lofty goal and I wish them the best of luck, but it also seems like they are trying to climb Mt. Everest in a swimsuit. I think that instead of preaching that that they want to “beat” YouTube, why not think of a different marketing strategy like “a better alternative to video”.

They have a “10 reasons to use MEGAVIDEO instead of YouTube” video posted on their front page. To me..this is like giving free advertising to YouTube….you never want to say publicly why your product is better or why others should use it over something else…especially when it comes to this stuff. Granted, MEGAVIDEO has a few advantages like 5 gig upload’s, earning money for vids without rewards program, download files and last not but not least “MEGAVIDEO loves you more” (said with a wink and a smile)

I think the pitch of we are better than YouTube will fail and fail big time. Rather than the in your face we are better pitch, differentiate yourselves on your features and let the users decide that this is a better place. Don’t stick your pitch up front and center on your site..its tacky and educated web folks like me can sniff this tactic out.

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