Viral Video update…..63,000+ and counting

Chris over at Raw Stylus asked that I update him on our viral video status with YouTube.

I believe the last post I had on this was on April 6th, where I mentioned that we had 21,000 views on YouTube of Quest Software Videos. As of today, we have over 63,000 views on the 51 vids we have posted on YouTube. Some of the most popular videos that I have seen have been the instructional ones where we had an expert presenting. For some reason however, I don’t consider any of these videos viral. I consider this as a part of doing business in the new Enterprise 2.0 model. If one should happen to go viral great, but its nothing that I am counting on.

One of the things that we have learned in doing this process is to keep them simple and educational. Most of the videos that we have on YouTube are recorded webcasts that we have done in the past and all provide a high level of technical knowledge and training. We never set out to have this account to pound our chests and let everyone know how great we are. We simply want to educate folks in our recognized areas of database management, application management and windows management.

I have tasked my team to ensure we have fresh content posted consistently as we do have quite a few people subscribing to our channel. I believe fresh and engaging content keeps our numbers respectable and hopefully people want more.

I am excited to see how our account will progress in the next 6 – 10 months, but I can honestly say I am very optimistic and proud of our current accomplishments.

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