Really bad email marketing….

I receive alot of emails from various companies. Not only am I interested in their products, but I am also interested in seeing how well their email marketing efforts are.

I received the email below from Coco Key Water Resort. It was an image type of email pitching birthday parties at their water resort.

Coco Key

Here are my issues with this email. First nothing in the email is linked. The whole image cannot be clicked on. Even the “Or visit us at” is not linked. I can’t even copy or paste the address into my browser. Second, when I try to reply to this email, I get a bounce back saying that the address is invalid. So I notice that the email was sent from a company called Carol Ann Marketing. I go to the site to try to send them an email to let them know this and I can’t . I can either chat with a “live sales person” or call or snail mail them, which is absolutely ridiculous.

Sheraton Chicago Northwest – Please find someone else to do your marketing, cause you are losing valuable dollars in sending totally non user friendly emails.

Carol Ann Marketing – Please change your site and come into 2007 and give an email on your site to send inquiries to other than to sales. Also please learn how to do email marketing correctly.

Coco Key Water Resort – Sorry you had to bear witness to this, but you hired and approved a totally bad email marketing company.

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