Protect your marketing efforts

This weekend while driving around on errands, I saw a young guy riding one of those crotch rocket motorcycles. He had a helmet, only it was attached to the side of his bike and no glasses on. For some reason in Illinois we have this really stupid law that does not require motorcycle riders to wear a helmet. So any fool can ride a bike here totally unprotected. Don’t know about you, but I have seen what appeared to be the leftovers of a motorcycle accident involving a young person whom I later found out was not wearing a helmet and was going around 40 mph. To me you have to be a complete idiot to not want to protect yourself when it comes to riding.

The same holds true for software marketing. Are you protecting your efforts to ensure that what you do will provide/insulate you against your investment? Here are a couple of things to consider:

1. Have a clear cut goal of your campaign and get the stakeholders to agree to that goal.

2. Share that goal with sales and keep them abreast during the campaign how things are going.

3. Keep an accurate report (heck even spreadsheet) of all your activities, results and compare which ones did the best/worst. Adjust on the fly and have the systems and resources in place to do so.

4. Analyze the data after the campaign, admit your mistakes and celebrate your success. Learn from your failures and set a plan in motion for stakeholders to see on how you plan to reverse your failures next time.

5. Prepare an executive summary of the campaign. Highlight everything and continue to do so for every campaign

While these 5 activities are certainly not everything you should do to protect yourselves, it is certainly a good start. Heck a campaign with no protection is like riding a motorcycle at 90 mph on a slippery road with no helmet….just plain stupid.

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