The Value of Information

I am a part of a lead management committee at my current position. We were talking the other day about how really the sales guys and marketing folk at my current company are really on the same wavelength when it comes to lead management.

In short we want what they want on one point and that is reliable information on our current database. We want to have intelligent information regarding our prospects and be able to utilize that information to market to folks who just are not at the stage of purchasing yet. I like to call it bench warming. Provide relevant content to folks to keep our company top of mind to the prospect.

The only bad thing is that our information is either outdated, non-existent or all over the place. I can’t stress enough the need for marketing automation. Whether you are a $3 mil, $30 mil, $300 mil or even $3 billion dollar organization, there is a great need to have an marketing automation system. I would rather spend the $600K or whatever installing one of these bad boys and nurture and cultivate my current DB than to go out and constantly hunt for new folks.

Is there such thing as marketing Nirvana? Heck no..but it would make us marketers alot smarter to have relevant and valuable information.

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