Going Open Source..

I am reading the book Wikinomics and on page 90 it has a great quote that I would like to share. “Can proprietary software vendors see the writing on the wall?. We sure hope so. Proprietary software spells rapid obsolescence if these companies don’t find a way to coexist with the peer producers”

The authors were talking about folks who utilize open source to gain business advantage. While I won’t go into too much detail as I think you should run out and read this book, I will mention a few things as to how it relates to a product we have at Quest.

Its called Funnel Web and its a web analytics tool that’s perfect for the open source market. Its a great little tool for small to medium size business who want to analyze their web traffic. I heard a comment on the funnel web discussion community the other day about how they wished Quest would release this into the open sources market and I could not agree more.

While I don’t know the specifics as to why Quest can or cannot do this I will say that if you are a user of Funnel Web or someone that would like to see this go open source, please comment on this blog and I will be sure to share your thoughts with some folks.

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