“Collaboration: is a process[1] defined by the recursive interaction of knowledge[2] and mutual learning between two or more people who are working together,[3] in an intellectual endeavor,[4] [5] toward a common goal which is typically creative in nature.[6] Collaboration does not necessarily require leadership and can even bring better results through decentralization and egalitarianism.”

The above is the wikipedia definition of collaboration. I was in church this weekend and the priest was talking about all of the terrible happenings in the world and how people really need to collaborate to help solve alot of the worlds problems. He spoke about the disconnect between the Islamic extremists and the Christians in Iraq. He spoke about the domestic issues in the US specifically greed, materialism and the general disregard for those less fortunate.

He used the word collaborate about 4 or 5 times..and it got me thinking…..take a look at the definition above…I mean really take a look at the definition. I think this word can become one of the most important word of the next 10 years. With Web 2.0 being about users collaborating and sharing etc.. and the ability for people to collaborate in order to solve major issues that plague us a society…I am willing to put my self out there and say that the word collaborate as well as the actions that support the word collaboration can really help solve alot issues as well as bring people who are distant closer together.

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