SAP and “inappropriate” downloads

Tsk tsk……now go to your room.

It appears that SAP’s “TomorrowNow Division” hacked into Oracles support site and downloaded a vast amount of content and other interesting things and used that info to “offer Oracle customers cut-rate support services”. SAP admitted this act, but said that no one at SAP had any access to the data. SHA!

Ummm yea..when will companies learn that everything they do is now tracked and people find stuff out. From the greedy C-Level folks who steal money from the company to lowly marketing folk like me who use IM inappropriately or steal that pad of legal paper to write my memoirs with.

I am amazed at the amount of corporate stupidity that people get themselves into…from stealing to just plain marketing ideas that are so whacked it causes a near collision on the highway of sanity.

Every company has their share of idiocy, its just that some have more than others.

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