Web 2.0 Marketing is not a bunch of things

Web 2.0 or marketing in Web 2.0 is not just doing a bunch of things: collaborating, community, blogging, youtubing, wikis etc……

It is a state of mind and an evolution that your company is going to need to adopt. Its being vulnerable, transparent and giving open access to those people you deal with. Its alot more than that, but this is a start. Web 2.0 first needs to be recognized in a companies marketing department and then the entire culture where this organization lives needs to adopt a new way of thinking to gain access to the marketplace.

I had several discussions recently about Web 2.0 and marketing within it. One conversation began like this “So…this Web 2.0 thing..can we get into it?” I almost lost it.

Starting a blog isn’t web 2.0 marketing. Starting a “community” (ugh…I hate that word) isn’t web 2.0 marketing. Heck..web 2.0 marketing shouldn’t even be in your vocabulary…just eliminate it from your brain.

Its too bad that alot of people don’t get it or want to get it…..but I am here to change one mind at a time…..its ok….you wont get harmed in the process.

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