The dumbest marketing speak to date.

What the hell does this mean?

“XXXXX service-oriented management solutions provide a modular and future-proof approach to managing highly diverse and widely distributed IT infrastructures”

This is by far the dumbest thing I have ever read. What the hell does it mean to be “future-proof”? Does it mean that their software can defy all of the technology still to come. The wiktionary defines “future proof” as “designed not to be obsolete in the future” Well howdy doody..thank god for that….they are making something that wont be shelf ware in like 12 months. Of course, that is when I will have implemented this software.

I looked up in wikipedia what modular means, cause again I am not that smart. Here is the definition:

“something is modular if it includes or uses modules which can be interchanged as units without disassembly of the module.” it also defines it as “A module is a self-contained component of a system


Again..what in the world are people thinking when they write this stuff?

This company makes a big claim and I sure hope they have the goods to back it up…..but I doubt it.

Buzzbarf score: 9.75 (I have not found a 10 yet…but I will)


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