An invasion of privacy, you be the judge…

I recently attended a virtual trade show put on by the wonderful folks at marketingprofs. One of the vendors there was a company called VisiStat. According to their website:

“VisiStat™ is a powerful real-time visitor tracking service for business, marketing and sales ROI.”

When I logged on to their site this morning I noticed in the bottom left hand corner of the screen this little box:


Ok..this is a little creepy. I like to check out vendors and such, but I don’t need to be shown this sort of information. I am sure that this product has some sort of value in having the ability to track visitors in peoples website, but I guess how much info does one company really need and do they have the headcount to actually look at this stuff? Version 5 of their software appears to have just been released with a host of features that seem useful, but some that I would question as an invasion of my privacy. One in particular is called Activity Alerts. Rather than try to summarize here is what VisiStat states on their site:

Activity Alerts™ bring specific report information directly to you. It is now fast and easy to keep up to date on specific activities on your Website. Activity Alerts give you the ability to receive e-mail or text message notifications for a variety of Website visitor activities. A great way to remotely keep track of your site activity as it is occurring.

“You no longer have to wonder how your site is doing — know what it is doing, right now!”

  • Know when a specific page is viewed.
  • Know when page views exceed a particular amount, either site-wide or by page.
  • See when specific visitors return to your Website.
  • Get a notice whenever specific keywords are used in a search to reach your site.
  • Watch link response activity for referrals, promotions or banner campaigns.
  • Share your Alerts with anyone you choose, without giving them access to your account. Let sales staff see their campaign responses. Let your real estate client know when their listing is being viewed. And that’s only the beginning…

Call me crazy, but as a user on someones site, why would I want someone to be alerted based on my activity. Curious to know if anyone out there has deployed this type of technology and if they had to change their privacy policy to do so.

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