The need for marketing automation

I am constantly amazed when I talk to people who don’t have any sort of marketing automation in place. Yes, its expensive. Yes it requires alot of time for integration. However, as professional marketers we are constantly asked to justify our existence, prove our worth and run more and more with less and less. It just makes sense for marketing departments who do alot of things to automate and measure their effectiveness. Two fine companies come to mind when thinking about marketing automation: vtrenz and Eloqua.

Both companies have their strengths and weaknesses. While I don’t use either one in my current position, I know of several colleagues who do and are quite happy with the functionality.

I think its time for companies, especially software companies to explore automation in their marketing orgs. The way to justify the spend to senior management is to show what ROI and intelligence you can gather from solutions such as the ones above.

As always….let me know what you think.

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