#53 of the 95 theses in the Cluetrain Manifesto

A couple weeks ago, I blogged about the Cluetrain Manifesto and its 95 theses. #53 is a good one:

“There are two conversations going on. One inside the company. One with the market”

We all work for companies and sometimes that’s a good thing or a bad thing. However, I am wondering how many companies are having one conversation internally while saying something else in the marketplace. Imagine the executive meetings at Google as they meet about what company next to acquire and what they are really strategizing for the next 3 years. Is their recent acquisition train a sign of the things to come for them and the internet? Of course it is.

Are there internal battles going on at every company? Sure. Specifically in the software industry, I am sure that there are alot of people…really smart people wondering and hoping that their idea to market their software will come around. However are people in their towers putting the kibosh on their “messaging” cause it doesn’t fit with the companies culture or because of some pig headed R&D or PM folks who think they own the market in terms of the message cause of their conversations with a few customers. Or are they scared by how the market is going to react? I am sure its a bit of both. Wake up people!!

Take some risk. Put out some messaging that might be a risk. Talk with the market instead of talking to them. Listen to Gartner as they are wise..but don’t listen to everything they have to say…..be your company.

Lastly, talk with the market….adjust on the fly and keep it simple…..don’t over complicate.

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