Spam King Busted..big deal!

By now most of you should know that a big “Spam King” was busted today.

Wow…a real shocker….NOT! Who cares cause somewhere, someone is out there poised to be the next big one. So we put the guy in jail and he pays a fine. Big whoop. We got one of probably thousands of these guys out there.

Can I say that my inbox or spam filter has seen a slowdown? Nope…not here and not me. To tell you the truth, I don’t get emotional or irate over spam. In fact, I could care less. I just delete it and move on. There are ton of people out there however who get so irate and want people to “die like a pig” (quoted from someone I know) for sending out messages.

Sure spam sucks. Can we stop it? Nope. Can we take measures to prevent it? Yes. Do I want to send nasty notes to people or companies or ISP’s wanting to start a world war over it….yea..I could do that, but I have better things to do. Just remember these few simple rules

1. Don’t give any supposed “rich Nigerian ex- prime minister” any private information.

2. That .15 stock is not going to go up over 5000% in the next 2 days

3. There are no magic pills to increase your sexual organs or sexual appetite

4. If eBay or Amazon wants me to update my information, don’t think that giving them your SS number or CC number

5. Not every bank wants you to update your information online

6. You never applied for that mortgage

7. You don’t win prizes online

8. How many sites can there be for “horny people in your area” looking for sex tonight?

I can go on and on, but the bottom line here is to keep a clear head about you and have some common sense. In addition, think like a spammer and you should do quite well at warding off unwelcome messages. I often wonder this…do spammers receive spam and if so are they annoyed by it?

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