A little bit of pain but we still must keep going

I woke up today feeling fine and ready to tackle the world. Then 7:15 came around and realized that I was beginning for the 3rd time in 18 months, the passing of the kidney stone. For any of you who have ever had one..you will know what type of pain this can cause. I immediately canceled my travel plans for tomorrow not knowing if I would end up in the hospital as the last 2 times and proceeded to get ready for a long and painful day. As you may or may not know the pain comes in waves (yes similar to labor) and lasts for a period of 15-45 minutes….so one minute I can be feeling just fine ready to go run around and the next, I am lying on the floor writhing in pain. Needless to say, I have not had to go to the emergency room yet….but we shall see how the afternoon progresses.

What does this have to do with software marketing? Simply put….we all feel pain sometimes…..sometimes severe pain. We sometimes get bashed from the sales group about lead generation, we get railed by our vendors, we have poor results on campaigns and so on. In my opinion, no matter what happens, pain in software marketing is a learning experience. I relish the chance to look at a failure and make it something positive…a learning experience if you will. Its really easy to pound your chest when things are going right, but it makes you a stronger person in business when you are lying face down in the dirt in pain…this is a true testament to your ability to perform under difficult circumstances.

So if you are in pain today….think about how you can change and learn from that pain. You will be glad you did.

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