Skeptics of the world unite!!!!

I love skeptics….there I said it, feel free to comment appropriately. Some of us believe that there are aliens among us and some believe that those people are nuts. Some of us believe that the internet is the devil and it will go away in due time, while others have embraced it and wonder what they would do without it.

People are inherently skeptical in business and like to take the safe road…the road that they have been down many times to do certain things. The typical overly skeptical person in business will say things like “I don’t believe……” “It won’t work…” “Well…we used to do it…..” or the classic “For the last 4 years we have been doing…..blah blah” not giving any thought to what business is like today.

What a great challenge for a professional marketer huh? I love it….I love challenges and sometimes I get charged every day by people saying those skeptical things. Granted, sometimes the skeptics are right and that could add fuel to the “skeptic fire”, but once you have proven that new things do work its like climbing the proverbial mountain.

So what does all this soapbox text above have to do with software marketing? The many hundreds of you that read this blog might say “Kordek…get to the point” and I will:

In software marketing you need to take a chance and challenge those folks who believe that what they did 3 years will continue to work today and produce the same results and growth expected. Heck, challenge what people have done 18 months ago and don’t be afraid to fail.

Allow me to give you an example. For the longest time at Quest we have been doing alot of live webinars and recording them. We would then put them on our site and make people register to see them. Now as marketer who loves data and wants more contacts to market to, I find that asking people to give us info to see a recorded webcast about our products a bit much. So, I decided to open up a youtube account, apply as a director and put alot if not most of our most current archived webcasts on there. I was met with some resistance in the marketing group because of the very registration nature that I mentioned above coupled with a few other minor issues. We really started to post alot of videos in Jan, Feb and so on. Since that time, we have had almost 32,000 views of the vids on there which I believe is more views in 3 months time than the history of all of the archived webcasts since the beginning of time at Quest.

We challenged what has been done for years and proved that in 3 months we can exceed what has taken 7 years to build.

If you are a marketer, stand up today and do something different.

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