Email and unprofessionalism…

As a company we do a fair amount of email marketing. Just the other day we sent and email out to the DC Metro area to promote a really great seminar featuring some really heavy hitters on the Identity Management Front. Weeding through the normal amount of bounce backs and correspondence, I ran across a very unprofessional email. It stated

“Leave me alone. Your software sucks. I work at NIH and have to live with it because they were foolish enough to fall for the joke. I surely don’t want to listen to you talk about it.”

So being the consummate professional that I am, I responded back with:

Hi Joe,

Thanks for you email. I have removed you from our database, but out of curiosity were you not able to access the link at the bottom of the email to unsubscribe yourself? If not, let me know and I can investigate.


Thanks for your feedback as I will be sure to pass it on. If you require any further assistance, please feel free to contact me.




When I logged on this morning I found this reply back from this individual:


“Fuck that link. I’m not doing any work cause you’re spamming me. Why don’t you just stop the shit ? Idiot.”

Now I am normally not the one to cry wolf or complain, but this is a little unprofessional. At Quest, we follow all of the Can-Spam Act procedures and make it very easy for people to opt-out of our mailing. (by the way, we only email those folks who have had interaction with our site and have accepted our privacy policy) He mentions to me in his response that he is not doing work cause I was “spamming him”. Interesting that he sent this from his address which means he was using his personal email while at work to correspond with me.

So on a whim I look this gentleman up. Guess what, this person has downloaded 23 assets from us in the 2 years and most recently (march 16th) downloaded a piece of trial software. What makes this more interesting is that he uses 2 separate email address to mask his identity when downloading our assets. If our software “sucks” so much, I wonder why he is trial downloading a new piece of our software.

Anyway..Joe N. at NIH if you read this, I am not mad. I am not bitter. In fact, I am a pretty happy person. I just wish you would exercise more professionalism and class when you send email to folks.  Wonder what the head of IT or your boss at the NIH would think about your emails?

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