Podcasts Promote B2B IT

I read an article from eMarketer this morning stemming from the same report that TechTarget and the CMO Council put out on “IT Media Consumption Trends and IT Buyer Purchase Intention” Basically it points out that IT buyers are leveraging Podcasts more in their evaluations.

This article and study screams one thing to me: WAKE UP….what we did 3 or 4 years ago may not work today. And we as software marketers need to adapt to this.

I am 100% convinced that those companies that don’t adapt to this new way of marketing will be left in the dust. Old school folks who believe that what was done 3 years ago to promote software will work in today’s ever changing landscape will quickly and painfully learn that the IT buyer wants more flexibility. They want the software vendors that they deal with to be the educators or “trusted advisers” in their fields. They typical “in your face”, download, try and buy mentality is slowly dying. Heck…even live webcasts are losing their appeal….people want it “on demand” and don’t want to be tied down to a particular time.

Wake up marketers of software………overcome your fears and doubts.

Adapt or step aside…….