As if we need more caffeine………..

What is this world coming too?

Coffee, Cola, Power Cola, Energy Drinks, Caffeinated Lip Balm, Energy Pills and now this:  Caffeinated Body Wash

You have to be kidding me……with all of the studies we read about how getting 7-8 hours of sleep a night, you would think stuff like this is just plain stupid.  Not too mention its $12.99 for a 7 ounce bottle…..its robbery of another kind.

Try this as an experiment:  Take 2 Lunesta’s with a Red Bull and lets see who wins.  Why is it that as a society we are advertised for such things as energy pills or drinks and then sleeping aides.  Could it be that we take too much of both?

How does this relate to software?  Simple.  Don’t you wish that when you need to do something on your PC or Mac and you waste your time trying to do it another way, only to find out that there is something out there that does what you need either for free or next to nothing that because the time you spent getting around it equates to the costs of the very piece of software that could do it and simplfy it.

Huh?  What the heck you mean you ask?  Look, we dont need to stay awake or alert for something all of the time.  Society invented the power/energy pill to give you a sense that you need it.   Society invented the sleep aid to give you a sense that you need either because you are coming down from the energy drink or because you are stressed and cant sleep anyway.

Inherently we as people look for the easy way out.  The cheapest way out.  We want software to simplfy our lives and most of us don’t want to pay for it.  If its free, its free for a reason.  Invest in your time…..dont look for a quick jolt or a way to snooze your inherent need to be more productive in the way of software.  You get what you pay for and what you put into it.