Big Message……..without the marketing…

I recently read a blog posting where the blogger made some absolutely valid points on software companies and the way that they market their products.  The gist of this post was that there was too much marketing speak… much “stuff” put into the collateral/site which would confuse most people….heck even those in the IT arena.

Enter a BIG MESSAGE:  Application and Services Management – The ability to Unify IT to the Business.

Wow….big stuff…..involves alot huh? Multiple layers, tons of people, lots of systems.  Plain and simple: ALOT OF STUFF..  So without alot of marketing speak here is my attempt at a big message in less than 6 words.

IT and the Business: Adaptive Solution.

I am a simple man, with simple words.  I like things nice and simple.   The point of this post is not to get caught up in making everything more complicated than it has to be.  Don’t go overboard and your audience will flock to you wanting more.  Make it relevant, strategic and simple.