Promoting an internal blog

I traveled yesterday to our Columbus office for a series of meetings and other things. I will be here till Friday and really like coming here. People are friendly and they all know me which is great. However, I do have to question the ability for the Columbus folks to remove snow and not go into a snow panic. The have this level 1,2,3 emergency system and it seems that the news was all consumed about this snowstorm they got and managed to shut down the entire city, including our office yesterday. When I arrived there were only 2 brave souls in the office and it seemed like a ghost town. Anyway, I digress….

In between the series of meetings and such, I have made it my personal mission to promote our own internal blog to the marketing folks here in the office. I have resorted to putting things in their mailboxes and little cutouts on their keyboards while they were out of the their offices and cubicles. Let see if it works because my entire team has worked on the internal blog alot and I really want it to gain some traction. The adaptation of our marketing group to blogging has been less than stellar, but I am here to turn it around. Lets see if my ancient 80’s style guerrilla marketing technique works.

As always…let me know what you think.